Global Leadership Summit 2014 Expanded Team Edition DVD


The 2014 Expanded Team Edition on DVD is designed to be a training resource for your team from 13 speaker sessions:

Bill Hybels, Jeffrey Immelt, Susan Cain, Wilfredo De Jesus, Patrick Lencioni, Carly Fiorina, Ivan Satyavrata, Bryan Loritts, Joseph Grenny, Allen Catherine Kagina, Louie Giglio, Erica Ariel Fox and Don Flow.


  • 13 high impact speaker sessions on DVD
  • Downloadable and reproducible outlines, transcripts and process tools for each speaker
  • Thematic segments from each speaker to help your team process and apply the key points — NEW
  • ALL videos on DVD are also available through online streaming for up to 10 members of your team — NEW

  • Programming elements, musical guests and some speakers are not included due to copyright limitations.


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